Sudi Lead Free Eyeliner, Best Eyeliner for Dry, Sensetive eyes. It does not sting or burn your eyes. Waterline Eyeliner, It melts on your eyes.

Loose Powder Kohl, Jet Black Eyeliner. It protects your eyes from UV rays. Made In USA. Money Back Guarantee.


    This Product has been Registered by United States of America Patent and Trademark Office Reg. No. 4,034,161  Serial No 85219080 .  

Plagiarism from this product is not allowed.            Made In USA

 Lead Free Kohl Powder Eyeliner - Sormeh Black Powder Eyeliner - Waterline Eyeliner - Loose Powder Kohl - Ayurvedic Eyeliner - Natural, Organic Eyeliner. Best Waterline Eyeliner.  Jet Black Eyeliner -  It's black is truly a black, it melts on your Waterline, stays on after wash. It lubricates your eyes and protect it from UV rays. 


Price $13:00  

Shipping : Domestic: $3.33  International:  $9.66   


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