Sudi Lead Free Eyeliner, Best Eyeliner for Dry, Sensitive eyes. It does not sting or burn your eyes. Waterline Eyeliner, It melts on your eyes.

Loose Powder Kohl, Jet Black Eyeliner. It protects your eyes from UV rays. Made In USA. Money Back Guarantee.




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Sudi  Lead Free Kohl Eyeliner   VS        Modern Kohl   &  other imported kohl such as (L'oreal,  Sephora  Guerlian Terracotta  loose  powder kohl eyeliner ) Egyptian natural kohl, Arabic kohl , Indian Kajal sormeh  & etc


 Modern Kohls:            

                                Have recently come under the scrutiny of medical scientists regarding their effects on the eye and the minerals    used in mixing them.

                         Many have been banned from import to the United States based on possible health risks that the minerals they contain can induce.


Other imported Kohl:

                                Are mixed with the sparkle-shine & etc, if it gets into your eyeball, it stings .

                                Their black is not truly a black.

                                 They have been imported to the USA. 

Sudi   ®Lead Free kohl powder eyeliner:

                                 It is made in America.

                                 It is a wonderful, high quality product, goes on smoothly & feels light on skin.

                                 It is lead free & its ingredient is natural, it is good to get into your eye bowls.

                                 It nourishes the eyes. It is good for dry & sensitive eyes.

                                 It gives your eyes a natural, sexy look.

                                 It does not irritate the eyes.

                                 It brings up your eyes.

                                 Men & women can wear it.

                                 It become part of you, you can not leave without it.          

                                 Little bottle of sormeh powder last for a long time.

                                 Is the best kohl eyeliner in the world.


                                 It's black is truly a black.


                                 Its quality is much better then L'oral & Guerlians's othes kohls .


                                 It is not mixed with any sparkler, shine or any color. 


                                 It's  price is more reasonable than theirs.


                                 It does not sting like Gurelain's & other kohl.

Sudi  Lead Free Kohl  eyeliner is neither an indian kajal powder "Indian Sormeh", nor an arabic kohl or an Egyptian kohl  & it does not irritate the eyes at all.